Bingemas: For the Board Game Geek

BINGEMAS began this week with giftable books for those whose Holy Grail includes the Netflix original series, and continues with books for the board gamers who plan whole nights around dice rolls. For anyone who can’t get enough Pandemic or Labyrinth, these recommendations are sure to please.


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Gift these books to the board gamers who want to save humankind from life-threatening diseases and who run around in mazes. (Plus, they’re 15% off until Dec 15!)
Pandemic = = = Girls Fall Down by Maggie Helwig (Coach House Books)We don’t think there’s a better book pairing to Board Game Geek’s high-ranking cooperative-based board game Pandemic than Maggie Helwig’s critically lauded Girls Fall Down (Coach House Books). Like the players in Pandemic, the characters in Girls Fall Down band together to contain and defeat a mystery illness that suddenly begins striking down numbers of people, spreading as quickly as it came. There’s a race against time as the outbreak sweeps through an urban centre, paranoia escalates to an all-time high, and strong allies are the antidote to winning the day.
Labyrinth = = = Other Houses by Kate Cayley (Brick Books)Players of the maze-navigating, treasure-collecting board game Labyrinth (punily named The Amazing Labyrinth, originally) will appreciate Kate Cayley’s insight-rich poetry collection Other Houses (Brick Books) for its mythical creatures who seem too real, surprising directions that reveal new perspectives, shape-shifting that transports to unexpected places, and collectible musing that the most seasoned gamer won’t see coming.* * *If you’ve got a die-hard Pandemic or Labyrinth fan on your list, why not gift them a book to binge? Girls Fall Down and Other Houses  are 15% off until December 15th, and buying these (or any!) book during this time gets you an extra-special postcard with your own 15% discount code for January. Stay tuned for more Bingemas tomorrow!