Best Bets for queens (or kings) of quirk

Peculiar plot lines, strange twists and turns, today’s Best Bets are for the queens (or kings) of quirk. In Muckbang (Linda Leith Publishing) by Fanie Demeule, Kim Delorme is uninterested in anything behind her computer screen and throws herself into a challenge that shocks everyone in her life. Something’s Burning(At Bay Press) by Janet Trull challenged outdated belief systems in her short fiction collection — some characters in these stories are oblivious to social change, others are committed to stopping it.


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Mukbang by Fanie Demeule (Linda Leith Publishing)

Mukbang is a grimy, shocking, and darkly funny dive into our relationships with food, self-image, and intimacy. True to its subject matter, Mukbang is sprinkled with QR codes throughout, each leading to an image, reference or video that enhances and adds context to the narrative. Mukbang is Fanie Demeule’s second novel translated into English. She lives on the south shore of Montreal.But you don’t have to take our word for it: 
“Mukbang is as intriguing as it is disturbing.”— Le Soleil“Demeule is building a body of work that explores themes of obsession from all angles. You are soon caught in the suspense of the ordinary world made very strange.”—La PresseMuckbang

Something’s Burning by Janet Trull (At Bay Press)

Outdated belief systems are challenged. Society norms and hierarchies crumble. But fresh ideas cause tension between generations, sexes, races and neighbours. Something’s Burning is Janet Trull’s latest collection of short fiction. The spacious landscapes where these stories take place are big enough for many opinions, but small enough to fall back on nostalgic principles. But you don’t have to take our word for it: 
Something’s Burning was selected as one of CBC’s 65 works of Canadian fiction to watch for in fall 2022. Something’s Burning

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