Best Bets: For littles

We’ll be the first to admit it: we’ve been a little remiss on these Best Bets recommendations thus far. What about the kids? Fear not, with two gorgeous picture books incoming. Gift the sweet bedtime story Bedtime in Nunatsiavutby Raeann Brown (Arsenal Pulp Press) and the getting-over-travel-anxiety story Lola Flies Alone (Running the Goat), by Bill Richardson and illustrated by Bill Pechet.


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Bedtime in Nunatsiavut by Raeann Brown (Arsenal Pulp Press)

Engraving artist Raeann Brown’s debut book is Bedtime in Nunatsiavut, an adorable and sweet bedtime story. Every night, Nya is tucked in with a nose kiss from her mother, and then dreams of running, flying, or swimming like her favourite animals. A fun story that encourages young readers to play along while they’re settling into sleep, it also teaches them Inuk words and connects them with the natural world.But you don’t have to take our word for it:
Bedtime in Nunatsiavut

Lola Flies Alone by Bill Richardson, illustrated by Bill Pechet (Running the Goat)

As families start to travel more and more since the world reopened, young kids heading on flights or trains might find solace in the hilarious picture book Lola Flies Alone, about young, intrepid solo traveller Lola. Forget lost baggage and long security lines – imaginative Lola has mermaids to deal with!But you don’t have to take our word for it:
Lola Flies Alone

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There – the kiddos on your list are officially sorted! Get more gift recommendations in our Best Bets series right here.If you and your littles have read and loved these books, share your thoughts in the comments below or on socials @alllitupcanada, with the hashtag #ALUbestbets.