About The Author

Tom Osborne

Tom Osborne was one of the founding editors of the notorious Pulp Press Publishing Co. (now Arsenal Pulp Press) in the 1970s. Osborne is the author of two novels published by Anvil Press: ‘Foozlers’ and ‘Dead Man in the Orchestra Pit’. He is also the author of several poetry collections: ‘Under the Shadow of Thy Wings’, ‘9 Love Poems’, ‘The Reamer’s Car Club Blues Band Story’, and ‘Please Wait for Attendant to Open Gate’ (the latter two of which are now “rarer” finds). His work has appeared in ‘Geist’, ‘subTerrain’, and ‘3-Cent Pulp’. He was born on Baffin Island, spent his youth in Kamloops, BC and later years in Vancouver. He currently resides in Maple Ridge, BC.

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