About The Author

Tom Konyves

Tom Konyves was born in Budapest, Hungary. He is a video producer currently living in BC. Based in Montreal until 1983, his poetry has evolved from his mid-seventies association with the Vehicule Poets to the reflective and almost delicate work created in the later Vancouver poems. He coined the term “videopoetry” to describe his mulitmedia work. Hi works include Poetry in Performance (The Muses’ Company), Ex Perimeter, and Sleepwalking Among the Camels: New and Selected Poems (The Muses’ Company). Stephen Morrissey was born in Montreal. He has edited two library magzines, What Is, a journal of experimental poetry, and The Montreal Journal of Poetics. He is founding editor of Coracle Press and publishes on-line poetry chapbooks. He teaches English and Humanities at Champlain College, Montreal. His works include The Trees of Unknowing, Family Album, and Mapping the Soul: Selected Poems, 1978-1998 (The Muses’ Company).

Books by Tom Konyves