About The Author

Renata Tupinambá

Renata Tupinambá’s Indigenous name is Aratykyra; she is a journalist, producer, poet, consultant, curator, screen-writer and visual artist. She founded the Indigenous production company Originárias Produções. Collaborator of the Visibilidade Indígena network. For 15 years she has been working with the dissemination of Indigenous culture and ethnocommunication. She has been on the Curating Council of TV Cultura – Fundação Padre Anchieta since 2020. She is a member of the Amotara Zabelê in Bahia, a school of ancestral knowledge in Tupinambá territory in the Una municipality. Creator of the Originárias podcast, the first podcast of interviews with Indigenous artists and musicians in Brazil, which is a part of PodSim, a group of female-led podcasts. Co-founded Rádio Yandê, the first Brazilian Indigenous web radio. Curator of the Festival Corpos da Terra – images of Indigenous peoples in Brazilian cinema (2021). Curator of the second screening of Etnomídia indígena (2021). Curator of the Festival de Música indígena, at CCVM’s Indígenas BR 2021 festival. Curator of the first Brazilian festival of contemporary Indigenous music, by Rádio Yandê, at Unibes Cultural in São Paulo (2019).

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