About The Author

Mo Korchinski

Since writing Arresting Hope/Releasing Hope, Mo Korchinski is now a proud member of society. She graduated in 2014 from the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology with my Bachelor of Social Work degree. I work as a project manager with the project Unlocking the Gates to Health peer health mentor program at the University of British Columbia. She spends most of my spare time helping others in my community and she feels that the key to turning one’s life around and keeping it moving in the right direction is to help others turn their lives around. She co-directed several documentary films, which are about individuals’ release from prison, and when the prison gate is unlocked, but the doors to society are kept locked. Her passion is to take my experience of addiction and the justice system and show people that changes are needed: to get the voices of women who are still inside prison heard; and, to get policy-makers to understand that change is needed in the prison system and in the communities. She lives in Vancouver and is a proud grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters, who have taught me what unconditional love is.

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