About The Author

Mizouni Bannani

Professor of Education Sciences at the Higher Institute for Applied Studies in Humanities in Sbeitla, Tunisia, Mizouni Bannani won the Re­gional Creativity Prize for Child Literature in Kasserine in 1999 and the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2021. He has published two collections of short stories titled Humma Al Ardh (The Fever of the Earth) and Mawawil Aaed men Dhefat Al Nar (Mawawil of the One who Returned from the Shore of Fire) in addition to a novel Doroob Al Hawan (Paths of Humiliation). He has also published a collection of literary works for chil­dren and teens, including Sorah Laysat Kalswar (A Picture Like No Other), Turab Al Watab (The Soil of the Homeland), Rehlat Fannan (An Artist’s Journey) and several others. Bannani works as a liter­ary and artistic consultant at Al Moanasah Publishing House in Tunisia.

Books by Mizouni Bannani