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Mira Sai

Just out of college, on a holiday from India to America, at the young age of 23, Mira Sai entered into the Business world in New York City, becoming the CEO/President of her own Import wholesale Clothing Corporation, doing business with stores like Saks Fifth Ave, Bloomingdales, Macys and the like. Born and raised in India, educated in the very best Catholic Convent schools run by British nuns, a Philosophy major, having studied World Religion and attended Stanford University, she went on to become a household name with the Indian community in the Bay area, California, as a very trusted and successful Financial Advisor. Enjoying a high-end, extravagant lifestyle; in 1994, while driving her 560SL Benz convertible, she was suddenly catapulted into a Near-Death experience in a fatal accident, taking her to the ‘Other Side’ and bringing her back; which completely changed her and her life! Upon her return, fully immersed in the infinite wisdom of the Cosmic Light; it seemed inevitable for her to leave everything and walk away from the impermanence of her wealthy, luxurious, materialistic life, to the only abode of Peace she knew; the ashram of Bhagawan Sri SathyaSai Baba in Puttaparthi, India, where she stayed for five years, delving deep within her bliss filled Self. Returning to California in 2001, she founded and ran a multi-faith temple Sanctuary for five years. A mystic, living in meditative Divine consciousness, Mira Sai ma, having been on numerous pilgrimages at highly sacred places in the Himalayas at 19,500 ft. twice to KailashManasarovar and 15,000 ft. to MuktiNath, and many others. She has had many rare spiritual experiences while meditating in a cave in Thailand next to the mummyfied body of a 1000 year old monk and in many sacred Himalayan caves like VedVyasagufa and more, and was blessed to bathe in fourteen mountainous, freezing cold Himalayan waters such as Lake Manasarovar and also the 1999 MahaKumbh which comes every 144 years. At present, she spends time between the Puttaparthi ashram, Energy centers in America like Mt. Shasta and Tassajara and ancient caves in the Himalayas, in the company of her Higher Self.

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