About The Author

Lynette Hunter

Lynette Hunter is Distinguished Professor of the History of Rhetoric and Performance at the University of Calfornia Davis.

With a background in the study of rhetoric, philosophy and political theory, Lynette Hunter has conducted research into women’s history and feminism, printing and humanities computing, the history of science and medicine, decolonialism and Canadian Studies, and more recently into performance and practice. A Canadian who has worked primarily in the UK and in the USA, her work is significantly informed by what she has learned from indigenous ways of knowing and daoist epistemology. An early contributor to the Practice a Research pedagogy in Europe, she built the first Performance as Research doctoral program in the USA from 2003. Writer, co-writer and co-editor of 30 books including a performative criticism of Canadian writers Disunified Aesthetics (McGill Queens 2014), she has recently finished Politics of Practice: A Rhetoric of Performativity (Palgrave 2019), and is currently writing on the phenomenology of how performers presence the changes that happen when they interact with the materials of their trained practice.

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