About The Author

Jovette Marchessault

Born in 1938 in Montréal, Québec, Jovette Marchessault is a novelist, a playwright, and a sculptor. Self-taught, her poignant work is marked by the harsh realities of her working-class adolescence. As a visual artist, Jovette has had over thirty solo exhibitions of her work in Québec, Toronto, New York, and Brussels. She is the winner of the Prix France-Québec, the Grand Prix Littéraire Journal de Montréal, and the Grand Prix Littéraire de la ville de Sherbrooke, and the Governor General’s Award.

Like a Child of the Earth (1988), The Magnificent Voyage of Emily Carr (1992), Mother of the Grass (1989), Saga of the Wet Hens (1983), and White Pebbles in the Dark Forests (1990) are available in English translation from Talonbooks.

Books by Jovette Marchessault