About The Author

John McAuley

John McAuley was born in Montreal. He completed an M.A. in creative writing at Sir George Williams University in 1974. During the 1970s, he edited Maker, a magazine dedicated to experimental poetry and prose that circulated among poets and writers in 23 countries. He also co-ran a successful poetry reading series at Véhicule Art Inc. where he was a member of the executive and, later, coordinator of the gallery. As one of the original Véhicule poets, he was instrumental in seeing the group’s landmark anthology, The Véhicule Poets, to publication with Maker Press in 1979 and began teaching in the English Department at Concordia University at about the same time. He has published four books: Nothing Ever Happens in Pointe-Claire, Mattress Testing, Hazardous Renaissance and What Henry Hudson Found. His work has also appeared in a variety of anthologies. He continues to live in Montreal.

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