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Evelyn Forget

Evelyn Forget is an economist in the School of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. Several years ago, she began researching the data associated with a Basic Income field experiment conducted in Manitoba in the 1970s. She has been consulted by governments and researchers in Ontario, British Colombia, Quebec, Finland, the Netherlands and Scotland on this topic. Dr. Forget?s latest work is titled Basic Income for Canadians: From the COVID-19 Emergency to Financial Security for All.

Hannah Owczar is a writer and communications specialist in the department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She is a graduate of the Creative Communications program at Red River College where she majored in journalism. Owczar?s work has appeared in several major news outlets in Manitoba including the Winnipeg Free Press and CBC Manitoba. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Human Rights from the University of Winnipeg.

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