About The Author

Emily A. Weedon

Emily A. Weedon was raised in Coe Hill, Ontario and grew up on a subsistence farm with her hippie parents, at times without electricity or running water. She’s had many jobs, including scenic/set painter, graphic designer, art director in film and television, screenwriter, musician and band leader, film producer, and book cover designer. Weedon had a speaking role in a feature film, released 3 EPs of original music, wrote and produced a Fringe Festival play, and co-created two seasons of the web series Chateau Laurier. She can’t sew or tap dance and does not care to. She can’t abide petty authoritarianism. She’s written several novels, screenplays, and songs, some animated television, and a few stage plays. Autokrator is her first published novel. She lives in Toronto with her daughter, Ginger.

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