About The Author

Don Bapst

Born in Chicago, Don Bapst has lived in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Ouagadougou, Montreal, Toronto, and Los Angeles. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College, where he studied with Allen Ginsberg, and his work has been published in numerous anthologies and magazines, including Exquisite Corpse, The Columbia Poetry Review, Evergreen Chronicles and blue magazine. A French translation of his novel danger@liaisons.com was published in 2010 (Editions Popfiction), and he has translated two novels and a collection of short stories into English from the French, including Gabrielle Wittkop’s Necrophiliac. His theatrical work has been staged in Chicago, New York, Montreal and Toronto. Also a filmmaker, Bapst’s short films have been screened in Toronto, Montreal, and Cannes.

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