About The Author

Danee Wilson

Danee Wilson grew up on the prairies in Regina, Saskatchewan. She completed a BA Hons in Spanish at the University of Calgary before moving to Spain to teach English. Inspired by the unidentified remains entombed in El Valle de los Caídos (The Valley of the Fallen), and hoping to work in the recovery and identification of victims of the Spanish Civil War, Danee returned to Canada to study archaeology at the University of Saskatchewan, where she received a BA Hons and an MA. During her studies, she travelled to Spain each summer to volunteer in the search for victims of Franco’s regime. In 2016, Danee began work as Assistant Director of a small archaeology company in the Basque Country, and spent three field seasons excavating the medieval cemetery at San Miguel de Aralar in Navarre. After more than three years abroad, Danee once again returned home to Canada, completing a post-graduate diploma in public relations and communications management from McGill University. She currently resides in Toronto.

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