Our Favourite Book Covers 2017

Our Favourite Book Covers 2017
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Of course it's what inside that counts, but can you blame us for being superficial when the outsides are this gorgeous? View books in this list

What Is To Be Done?

By Mavis Gallant
Introduction by Linda Leith

Mavis Gallant's only play, which premiered at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre on November 11, 1982, is a comedy that opens in 1942, in the heat of the battle against Fascism, when it was possible for Canadians to cheer for both Stalin and the Royal Family. At home in Montreal, Jenny ... Read more

Spit On The Devil

By Samantha Bernstein

How do the words we use shape our thoughts and actions? Can poems disrupt passivity, or is art one of its conduits? Spit on the Devil is a lyrical evocation of these questions and a searing interrogation of progressive sentiments during a time of regressive politics. Combining ... Read more

Ghost Boys

By Shenaaz Nanji

Fifteen-year-old Munna lives with his Ma and sisters in a small town in India. Determined to end his family's misfortunes, he is lured into a dream job in the Middle East, only to be sold. He must work at the Sheikh's camel farm in the desert and train young boys as jockeys ... Read more

Euclid's Orchard and Other Essays

By Theresa Kishkan

In her new collection of essays Kishkan unravels an intricately patterned algorithm of cross-species madrigal, horticulture and love. Opening with ‘Herakleitos on the Yalakom,’ a turbulent homage to her father, and ending in ‘Euclid’s Orchard,’ amidst bees and coyotes, ... Read more

What is Going to Happen Next

By Karen Hofmann

Karen Hofmann's empathetic and cathartic novel, What is Going to Happen Next, pieces together the lives of five members of the Lund family following their enforced dispersal after the death of the father and the hospitalization of the mother in the remote West Coast community ... Read more

Cruise Missile Liberals

By Spencer Gordon

WARNING: Cruise Missile Liberals contains few proper poems. That is, poems with proper manners, proper etiquette, or proper service to our national narratives. Poems that reassure the powerful.Poems that lie inert--with the smell of the museums. Poems that are, in a word, nice ... Read more


By Claire Kelly

Maundering is a both a physical and verbal process. One can walk in a maundering, aimless fashion and one can verbosely maunder on. Claire Kelly's debut collection, Maunder, contains poems about the physical act of walking and the mental act, what is seen and what is reflected ... Read more


By Jack Davis
Edited by Stan Dragland

Faunics is a fully articulated (compactly composed and beautifully structured) book of poems grounded in deep appreciation and knowledge of nature and in sophisticated language play (the sound and the sense), making it a strangely wonderful hybrid: animal kingdom meets Paul ... Read more