Do-Lit-Yourself: Book-Loving Bullet Journals

July 26, 2016

Have you heard of a Bullet Journal? The newest in twee tedium is a type of analog organizer, with tons of "page" ideas for keeping people's lives in order (and fabulous-looking). Yours truly couldn't resist starting one, and is sharing a couple of book page ideas for you to keep track of your reads, in style.

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Do-Lit-Yourself is a column for book lovers with a crafty streak. This pinteresting monthly is penned by LPG Education and Engagement manager Lauren Perruzza.


Bullet journals are so gorgeous that they seem like a waste of time, right? Like, you could never be happy with your chicken scratch-written grocery list on a page that's custom-stamped and dated with an adorable little handdrawn flag. But here's where you're wrong: ALU test-drove these two book log page ideas for your bullet journal, and they couldn't be easier. Just grab a ruler, a pen, an optional couple of highlighters, and that teetering TBR pile threatening to fall on you while you sleep.

Our first book page is for the visually-minded: fill a page with "shelves" and fill those shelves with "books": you can include ones you've read or want to read, and leave some blank for later. When you're reading one, you can gradually fill it in to keep your progress in mind. At the end of the year, you'll have a colourful shelf, just like your real one.



Our second page style is for those data nerds/completionists out there: a table for charting not only what you read, but also tabulating those reading goals that you set for yourself this year. Maybe you want to read more books by women, or people of colour, or Indigenous authors? Maybe you want to read more non-fiction or poetry? Maybe you just want to read Canadian? Whatever it is, add as many columns as you wish to track your reading. In a flurry of getting to draw a maple leaf, this author neglected to add a column for rating the books, but you could do that, too! The bullet journal is your finicky oyster.




For more bullet journal inspiration, try Google or Pinterest! If this post tells you anything, you do not need beautiful writing to get going on analog-ing the books you've read.


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