Bingemas: For the CanCon Connoisseur

November 25, 2020

For the CanCon-only giftee on your list who's worn out the catchphrase "Ew, David" and grew up reading Anne of Green Gables, our Bingemas selections are the double-double they're craving.


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Beef up your CanCon Connoisseur's book collection with two choice titles from Canadian indies— The Inquirer (NeWest Press) and Some People’s Children (Breakwater Books)—and get 20% off until Dec 4th with promo code BINGEMAS20 (enter at checkout).







Schitt's Creek  = = = The Inquirer by Jaclyn Dawn (NeWest Press)

If your giftee spent many bingeable hours wrapped up in the warm bearhug that is Schitt’s Creek—let’s be real, who hasn’t?—we’ve got the perfect lit pairing for them in Jaclyn Dawn’s  The Inquirer (NeWest Press), a novel about the charming and not-so charming foibles of the citizens of Kingsley, Alberta. The Inquirer in Dawn’s debut is a local gossip rag that airs the hometown's dirty laundry, including that of the book’s central character Amiah. Just imagine Moira’s reaction to a secretly run tabloid that accepts hot tips from Schitts Creekians; or Stevie’s quiet bemusement and sense of humour in coping with fears of failure; or picture David and Alexis who sometimes pair up to protect each other and push each other out of their comfort zones. Your giftee (or you!) will find similarly fascinating characters and complicated feelings about making choices and taking risks in this clever novel that’s sure to be the perfect literary follow-up. 






Anne with An E  = = = Some People's Children by Bridget Canning (Breakwater Books) 

Loosely based on L.M Montgomery’s classic Anne of Green Gables, Canadian TV series Anne with An E entered into its final season this year to the disappointment of devoted fans. Cheer up your Anne-loving giftee with Bridget Canning’s  Some People’s Children (Breakwater Books), a fierce, genuinely funny novel about the way others look at us and the power of self-discovery. Like Anne, the novel’s central character Imogene Tubbs—a strong, young (and redheaded!) female protagonist who’s also raised by her grandmother—comes of age through a maze of gossip, community, and familial complications. Some People’s Children will revive what fans of Anne with An E arguably miss: rooting for the lovable outcast who's made her place in our hearts.





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