Chappy Hour: A Shady Lady for Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes

October 11, 2017 Tan Light

Margo LaPierre’s debut collection Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes (Guernica Editions) contains the kind of poetry best paired with a shot of tequila. Full of portraits of gritty femininity (and set in my downtown neighbourhood), I’ve paired the collection with the Shady Lady cocktail—a double kick of tequila and citrus paired with the sweet caress of Midori melon liqueur.

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The Cocktail




*For a mocktail version, use a citrus sparkling water in place of tequila and melon juice in place of the Midori.


The Book






* * *

To enjoy your Shady Lady with more Washing Off the Raccoon Eyes, check out a longer excerpt here.


* * *

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