If You Liked x, Read y: Canada Reads Edition – Day 3!

March 23, 2016

We're back with our third day of Canada Reads pairings. The debates were decidedly friendlier than Day two, with all panelists sharing kind words for the remaining books in the competition. Our followup pick echoes the mysticism and sisterhood of the title that was eliminated today.

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G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip fought for Tracey Lindberg’s Birdie. Lindberg’s novel infuses traditional Cree lore, storytelling, and language with the story of a woman, Birdie, leaving her home and past behind in Alberta for a shot at meeting a childhood idol. Her travels take her from homelessness in Edmonton to a Sanitarium (“the San”) to Gibsons, BC, where she is employed as a baker by a cantankerous older white woman. After a hideous act of violence, they’re joined by Birdie’s cousin and Aunt/Little Mother, and the three women form a protective enclave around Birdie as she awakens within herself.

Lightfinder (Kegedonce Press), by First Nations/Métis author and artist Aaron Paquette, similarly tells a tale of familial bonding between Cree women while on a rescue mission in the wilderness. Aisling and her Kokum (grandmother) seek Aisling’s younger brother, Eric, who’s run away from home. In the process, they’re unwittingly swept up into an ancient struggle for life on the planet. Compared to Neil Gaiman for his richness of language and ability to weave the spiritual world in with the everyday, Paquette’s YA novel is perfect for those who were rooting for Birdie in Canada Reads 2016.



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