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Choose Your Quarantine Fighter: Mighty Books for Hard Times

Defeat your quarantine boredom with books — which will you take into battle? Choose your fighter below!


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Great Canadian Poems for the Aged Cover

CoCoPoPro: Michael Boughn Takes on the Great White North

Beautiful Razor Cover

CoCoPoPro: "I Talked With the Moon" by Al Hunter

Here is Where Disembark Cover

CoCoPoPro: Here Is Where We Disembark by Clea Roberts

Lyrics and Poems Cover

CoCoPoPro: The lyrical poetics of John K. Samson

Indigena Awry Cover

CoCoPoPro: Indigena Awry and the Experimental Poetics of Annharte

The Lease Cover

CoCoPoPro: Mathew Henderson's Oil Field Poems

A Long Continual Argument Cover

CoCoPoPro: "I'm just you in funny clothes": Remembering John Newlove

Fire Watcher Cover

CoCoPoPro: "A rhizomatic SOS": The Eco-poetics of Vivian Deluth

One Crow Sorrow Cover

CoCoPoPro: Lisa Martin-deMoor confronts grief in One Crow Sorrow

The Flicker Tree Cover

CoCoPoPro: Okanagan sunshine and Nancy Holmes's The Flicker Tree