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Unwrap Indie: Books for the Holidays

It's the inaugural day of Unwrap Indie, a checklist of giftable books from one-of-a-kind indie presses. Match the distinctive personalities of the people on your gift list with our recommended book picks from now until November 26th.

Bonus: take 15% off our #unwrapindie book ...


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The cover of Miraculous Sickness by ky perraun. Calming watercolour washes resemble a lake and a hazy sky.

Poetry in Motion: ky perraun + Miraculous Sickness

The Clock Tower of Jaffna Located in Sri Lanka

The Clock Tower of Jaffna: Frozen and Unfrozen Times of History

The cover of Terry Doyle's Dig, featuring a charcoal illustration of a row of businesses on a deserted street.

Short and Sweet: Terry Doyle + Dig

The cover of Alex Pugsley's Shimmer, made up of bold, graphic type.

Short and Sweet: Alex Pugsley + Shimmer

Book Cover of Letters to Singapore

Under the Cover: Letters to Singapore

Book Cover of The Junta of Happenstance

Poetry in Motion: Tolu Oloruntoba + The Junta of Happenstance

The cover of Sofi Papamarko's Radium Girl, featuring a vibrantly-dressed woman with sunglasses. Her clothing and hairstyle suggest she's from the atomic age.

Short and Sweet: Sofi Papamarko + Radium Girl

The cover image of Helen Chau Bradley's Personal Attention Roleplay. Two painted, nude, femme-appearing figures dance in unison with each other.

Short and Sweet: Helen Chau Bradley + Personal Attention Roleplay

The cover of Always Brave, Sometimes Kind by Katie Bickell. The cover shows an old compact car parked in front of a worn-out big-box store, which displays the title of the collection in lieu of a store sign. "Stories" is graffitied on the car's side.

Short and Sweet: Katie Bickell + Always Brave, Sometimes Kind

A photo of author Anvi Hoàng, a Vietnamese-American woman smiling at the camera.

"Bringing love to the children of war" - Excerpts from Why Do You Look at Me and See a Girl?