Advertising on All Lit Up is open to everyone, though preference is given in order of:

  1. LPG Membership;
  2. Canadian content; and then
  3. Literary content.

Ads feature near the bottom of the "Find a Book" pages, and alongside articles. We have two size options available: Medium Rectangle (two per page) and Feature Board (one per page).

Medium RectangleWeek$90
300 x 250pxMonth$300
Feature BoardWeek$120
300 x 600pxMonth$420


  • Ads must be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.
  • Animation is permitted, provided it does not exceed three frames and the maximum file size.
  • Links must be provided at time of booking.



Ads must be booked at least a week in advance of the go-live date and are subject to availability. Artwork must be provided two business days before the go-live date.

Contact advertising at for booking requests or any other queries.

Asian Heritage Month: Nonfiction Spotlight

May 24, 2023