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  • Nutaui’s Cap

    Nutaui’s Cap

  • The Mystery of the Portuguese Waltzes

    The Mystery of the Portuguese Waltzes

  • Jack, the King of Ashes

    Jack, the King of Ashes

  • Jack and the Manger

    Jack and the Manger

  • Jack and Mary in the Land of Thieves

    Jack and Mary in the Land of Thieves

  • Postscripts from a City Burning

    Postscripts from a City Burning

  • The Flower Can Always Be Changing

    The Flower Can Always Be Changing

    “A lamp and a flower pot in the center. The flower can always be changing.”—Virginia Woolf. From the bestselling author of Rumi and the Red Handbag comes a new collection of brief essays about the intersection of poetry, painting, photography and beauty. Inspired by the words of Virginia Woolf, Lemay welcomes you into her home, her art…

  • The Nap-Away Motel

    The Nap-Away Motel

  • The Weight of the Heart

    The Weight of the Heart

    When her brother dies in the turbulent water of B.C.’s Thompson River, Isabel sets out to find traces of him in the places he loved. At the same time, she is seeking locations referenced in important literary works by Sheila Watson and Ethel Wilson for a graduate thesis. Her map becomes a cartography of both…

  • alfabet/alphabet


  • Home Waltz

    Home Waltz

    In 1973, fifteen-year old Qʷóqʷésk̓iʔ, or “Squito” Bob, is a mixed-blood Nłeʔkepmx boy trying to find his place in a small, mostly Native town. His closest friends are three nłeʔkepmx boys and a white kid, an obnoxious runt who thinks himself superior to his friends. Accepted as neither Native nor white, Squito often feels like…

  • Poetry is Queer

    Poetry is Queer

  • Everything Affects Everyone

    Everything Affects Everyone

    Do you believe in angels? When Xaviere is tasked with transcribing taped interviews her deceased friend Daphne left to her in her will, she begins to piece together the story of the photographer Irene Guernsey, a moderately well known but elusive photographer Daphne was interviewing. Irene’s mysterious images captivate Xaviere as they had Daphne. Irene…

  • Want


    Delphine Almquist and her husband Hugo are living the hobby farm life of her dreams on the Canadian Prairies, far from the world of climate change concerns and global conflict. The only thing missing is a spectacular new kitchen, a tiny bistro to call their own. When she accidentally orders one online, her attempts to…

  • Honorarium


    In Honorarium, Nathaniel G. Moore compiles twenty years worth of reading other people’s books, while also faithfully attempting to convey a sense of what it’s like to work behind-the-scenes in CanLit. Always breaking from convention, Moore’s non-fiction is imbued a sense of urgency, passion and intimacy with the community of creators that surround him; creators that include Derek McCormack, Sheila Heti,…