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In Search of Pure Lust

By Lisa Weil

Winner, IPPY Bronze Medal for LGBT Non- Fiction; Finalist, 2019 International Book Awards for LGBTQ - Non-Fiction; Finalist, 2018 Foreword INDIES Award for LGBT Adult Nonfiction; Finalist, American Book Fest 2019 Best Book Awards for LGBTQ Non-Fiction)

In Search of Pure Lust documents ... Read more

Irving Layton

By Harriet Bernstein

Much has been written by others about the relationship Irving Layton and Harriet Bernstein shared, and most of it is inaccurate. This book tells the true story, and in so doing provides a look into the CanLit scene between 1974-1981. Students and admirers of Layton's work will ... Read more

It's All About Kindness

By Margaret McBurney

As a writer, broadcaster, and social activist, June Callwood made other people her business. Despite personal tragedies, including the death of her youngest son, Casey, Callwood tried to better the lives of those in difficult situations. She founded many organizations, including ... Read more


By Kate Braid

Since women started working in the trades in the 1970s, very little has been published about their experiences. In this provocative and important book, Kate Braid tells the story of how she became a carpenter in the face of skepticism and discouragement. In 1977 when Braid was ... Read more


By Syr Ruus

Krambambuli is a memoir of the author's childhood experiences during and subsequent to World War II. She documents three stages of displacement due to war: escaping destruction in Estonia, living as a refugee in Germany and Austria, and beginning a new life as an immigrant first ... Read more

Laundry Lines

By Ann Elizabeth Carson

With grace and courage Ann Elizabeth Carson looks to the past from the perspective of a contemporary feminist. A lively evocation of her aunts and their home in Cheltenham, Ontario reveals the rich and powerful ground for her own emerging sense of herself. As Toronto in the ... Read more

M Word

Edited by Kerry Clare

A CNQ Editors' Book of the Year

A Dropped Threads-style anthology, assembling original and inspiring works by some of Canada's best younger female writers — such as Heather Birrell, Saleema Nawaz, Susan Olding, Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, Carrie Snyder, and Alison Pick — The ... Read more

Madonna of the St. Denis Bar-BQ

By Huguette O'Neil

The Madonna of the St. Denis Bar-BQ is a true account of a parent-child relationship, beginning with the details of the death of the author's mother, Belle-Moue, and tracing her history back, chapter by chapter, to her birth some decades earlier. It reads like modern-day fiction, ... Read more