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Good Girls Do

By Simona Chiose

A personal meditation on the wild world that is sexuality now. ??I want you to tell me why you wrote this story,’ my mother said. I had once again written an article about sex. ?I made it all up, none of it is true,’ I said. Her voice over the phone line, sounding tense, ... Read more

Her Name Was Margaret

By Denise Davy

Margaret Jacobson was a sweet-natured young girl who played the accordion and had dreams of becoming a teacher until she had a psychotic break in her teens, which sent her down a much darker path. Her Name Was Margaret traces Margaret's life from her childhood to her death as ... Read more

Her Paraphernalia

By Margaret Christakos

Her Paraphernalia, the new book of creative non-fiction from noted Canadian poet Margaret Christakos, presents an intimate and original collection of midlife writings that seeks to make readers think in a very personalized way about family geneology, private sexuality and life ... Read more

Home Ice

By Angie Abdou


The author of the Canada Reads–nominated The Bone Cage tackles the ups and downs of amateur hockey, from a mother’s point of view

Over 570,000 people are registered in Hockey Canada and over 600,000 in Hockey USA. It’s a national obsession. But what does that really mean ... Read more

I Am Full Moon

By Lily Hoy Price

In this lyrical memoir, Lily Hoy Price writes with moving detail about her childhood and adolescence in a large Chinese Canadian family in the Cariboo country of northern British Columbia. The ninth daughter in a family of 12 children, Lily is an observant child who tucks away ... Read more

I Wasn't Always Like This

By Shelley A Leedahl

Some people claim they'd like to walk away from their lives -- Shelley A. Leedahl had the nerve to do it. Was it selfishness, or self-preservation?

Drawing upon childhood memories, hikes, road trips, foreign travel, her self-imposed exile to a prairie village, fortuitous meetings ... Read more

I Wasn't Always Like This

By Shelley A Leedahl

Some people claim they would like to walk away from their lives. Shelley A. Leedahl had the nerve to do it. Was it an act of selfishness, or self-preservation? Provocative, candid, and engaging, these intimate essays explore the implicit complexities and contradictions when ... Read more

I'm the Girl Who Was Raped

By Michelle Hattingh

That morning, Michelle presented her Psychology honours thesis on rape. It began: "A woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped than learning how to read..." That evening, celebrating her degree, she and a friend go to the beach, where they are both robbed, ... Read more