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By Stevie Howell

Shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award

Emergencies, faith, truancy, and poverty intersect in this wry debut that volunteers a transfusion of the unpredictable for those who yearn to transition beyond a muralized Olive Garden world.

Stevie Howell's [Sharps] takes its ... Read more

6 Essential Questions

By Priscila Uppal

6 Essential Questions tells the story of Renata as she travels to Brazil to reunite with the mother who abandoned her when she was just five years old. In Rio, Renata discovers more than she bargained for in her quest to uncover the truth of who abandoned whom. She is continually ... Read more

A Certain William

Edited by Leanore Lieblein
Introduction by Leanore Lieblein

Lyrical, farcical, or playful, deeply ironic or deeply tragic, these plays engage Shakespeare with anger and with love in their quest for nationhood, human dignity, social justice, and artistic agency.Includes: Hamlet, Prince of Québec by Robert Gurik, translated by Leanore ... Read more

A Generous Latitude

By Lenea Grace

Lenea Grace's debut collection maps a series of relationships within a greater exploration of Canadiana, barreling through shield and crag, river and slag. A Generous Latitude is not afraid of beer, bears, internal rhyme, David Hasselhoff, sediment, or sentiment. It does, however, ... Read more

Age of Arousal

By Linda Griffiths

It's a time of passion and confusion. Virtue is barely holding down its petticoats. People are bursting their corsets with unbridled desire. It’s 1885, and the typewriter and the suffrage movement are sending things topsy-turvy. In the midst of it all, five ambitious New Women ... Read more

Alice Munro

By Catherine Sheldrick Ross

Profiling one of the world`s finest contemporary short story writers, this biography charts Alice Munro`s development as both a wife and mother and a serious writer. Exploring her ability to tantalize readers, the compelling profile details her struggle to balance the demands ... Read more

All the Gold Hurts My Mouth

By Katherine Leyton

Long-shortlisted, 2017 ReLit Awards

Katherine Leyton's fresh and vibrant debut collection takes on the sexual politics of the twenty-first century, boldly holding up a mirror to the male gaze and interrogating the nature of images and illusions.

Confronting the forces of mass ... Read more

All the Names Between

By Julia McCarthy

Poems that form an eloquent, searching contemplation of "the warp and weft of being and nonbeing."

All the Names Between is Nova Scotia poet Julia McCarthy's meditative and crackling-with-dark-energy third collection. From her observation of "long-horned beetles... rearranging ... Read more