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A Beckoning War

By Matthew Murphy

2016 Foreword Reviews INDIES, Silver, War & Military (Adult Fiction)

Captain Jim McFarlane, a Canadian infantry officer, is coming apart at the seams. It’s September 1944, in Italy, and the allied armies are closing in on the retreating Axis powers. Exhausted and lost, ... Read more

Behind The Eyes We Meet

By Mélissa Verreault
Translated by Arielle Aaronson

Why must one man perish while another survives? How does losing a sibling at birth affect life? And what are the chances that a fish lost and a cat found will bring our two protagonists together? This sweeping tale of intertwined destinies takes the reader from present-day Montreal ... Read more

Black Bread

By Emili Teixidor
Translated by Peter Bush

In the rough hill country of rural Catalonia, the Spanish Civil War is over and the villagers live under occupation by the fascist Civil Guard. With his father in jail, facing possible execution as a subversive, and his mother working long hours in a factory, eleven-year-old ... Read more


By Garry Ryan


When young Sharon Lacey travels from Canada to England in the spring of 1940 in search of the father she never knew, she finds herself called upon to participate in a much larger and more dangerous mission. For at eighteen, she is a gifted flier in an England desperate for ... Read more

Bonk on the Head

By John-James Ford

Winner of the 2006 Ottawa Book Award for English Fiction

Bonk on the Head is the fictional account of a young man's strange and gruelling journey through military indoctrination, and the strange and gruelling family life that drives him to it. Author John-James Ford, himself a ... Read more


By John Delacourt

Lucien and Nataa might have slipped toward love, if her past in Sarajevo hadn't caught up with her. Nataa finds work modeling for a painter in Toronto, but he is murdered. Nataa disappears that night, running for her life. Her vanishing is connected to the discovery of a video, ... Read more

Darling of Kandahar, The

By Felicia Mihali & Felicia Mihali

A young woman poses for the cover of a magazine. A Canadian soldier serving in Kandahar falls in love with her photograph and sends her an email. The Darling of Kandahar tells a story of love, loss, and displacement against the background of the war in Afghanistan, of the founding ... Read more