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By Andre Alexis

A fresh take on the romance novel from the Giller Prize–winning author of Fifteen Dogs

From their very first encounter, it would seem that Gwen and Tancred were made for one another. Like all good romances, Ring will bring them together . .. eventually. But first there is, of ... Read more

So It Won't Go Away

By John Lent

The gluttonous, jazz-loving character of Neil Connelly in John Lent’s So It Won’t Go Away can never get enough out of life, no matter how much he over-indulges his desires: “Drinking, smoking, sex: a man’s hands twittering, eyes bugged out in a desperate longing to be ... Read more

Strange September of Levi Pepperfield, The

By Matthew Manera

This is the story of Levi Pepperfield, who tries to navigate his future as a retired English professor while indulging in the sorrow of lost possibilities that define his past. It's about the intersection of parallel worlds, of age and youth, of teacher and student, of man and ... Read more

The Glorious Mysteries

By Audrey J. Whitson

At the heart of every story in Audrey Whitson’s collection is a character seeking personal purpose amongst the deep mysteries of self, and a wholeness amid the fractious nature of life. Whitson’s evocative narration guides us effortlessly through these often turbulent journeys, ... Read more

The Island of Books

By Dominique Fortier
Translated by Rhonda Mullins

A rich portrait of the beauty of words – painted by a 15th-century illiterate scribe.

A 15th-century portrait painter, grieving the sudden death of his lover, takes refuge at the monastery at Mont Saint-Michel, an island off the coast of France. He haunts the halls until a ... Read more

Travellers May Still Return

By Michael Kenyon

Jesse Green, the young narrator of the first novella, wants to escape the developed world (Vancouver) and with her boyfriend takes a meandering trip down to Panama, the land bridge to South America. The central short story has an ambiguous setting and period, and is about the ... Read more


By William Neil Scott

When Emma Brodie, local prophet and mother of three, steals a boat and exiles herself to the middle of the bay for seven days and seven nights, she sets about a chain of strange and wonderful events in the sleepy village of Garfax--a village no longer listed on any official ... Read more