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By William Deverell


Arthur Ellis award–winning William Deverell’s 1983 bestseller

An extremist warlord is about to unleash the world’s deadliest shock troops. The Rotkommando — an army of expert terrorists, political fanatics, and psychotic killers — is armed with a failsafe masterplan. ... Read more

Preempting Dissent

By Greg Elmer & Andy Opel

The legacy of the Bush administration and its "War on Terror" includes a new logic of surveillance, suppressing public dissent and mobilizing both "fear" and "faith. " In this accessible book, Elmer and Opel show that this new logic stretches well beyond the realm of airport ... Read more

Reasonable Cause to Suspect

By Sally Lane

In a story of deceit, betrayal, and injustice, two parents are tried as terrorists for attempting to rescue their son from a Syrian war zone.

On September 2, 2014, Jack Letts, an idealistic eighteen-year-old British Canadian, phoned his mother saying, “Mum, I’m in Syria. ... Read more

The Descendants

By Robert Chursinoff

Chursinoff’s remarkable debut is a distinctively structured, sublimely written and moving tale of love, loss, intergenerational trauma and ultimately redemption, set in one of Canada’s most enigmatic and misunderstood ethno-religious communities.

Seven years after a brutal ... Read more

Two Roads Home

By Griffin Daniel

A fast-paced literary eco-thriller about the power of resistance, the fine line between activism and terrorism, and what happens when things go too far.

It is 1993 on Vancouver Island. A group of idealistic young activists, determined to do whatever it takes to protect the environment, ... Read more

Where I Fall, Where She Rises

By Dean Serravalle

Where I Fall, Where She Rises is a novel that follows two women on opposite ends of a terrorist kidnapping. While one woman suffers and falls at the hands of her captors, the other exploits the fame of such a publicized event to secure a future for her unborn child. Lea Ironstone ... Read more