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Be Scared of Everything

By Peter Counter

"An incredible voice in horror"Tor Nightfire

Horror essays that read like Chuck Klosterman filtered through H. P. Lovecraft.

Slinging ectoplasm, tombstones, and chainsaws with aplomb, Be Scared of Everything is a frighteningly smart celebration of horror culture that will appeal ... Read more

Corridor Nine

By Sophie Stocking

Seven years ago Bernadette Macomber did everything she could to cut her ties to her father Fabian, his opiate addiction, gun collection, and increasingly bizarre behaviour. She moved with her husband and four children, leaving no return address. Now, following his suicide, her ... Read more

Fourth Canvas, The

By Rana Bose

In the early 1970s a reclusive artist and philosopher disappears in Paris after completing a fantastic series of canvases that trace the rise and fall of empires. Eventually his bloated body is dragged from the Seine. The knowledge and insight die with him. Years later, Claude ... Read more

One Good and Deadly Deed

By Dudley Lynch


Bodies are piling up in Flagler. For fans of Bones and Preacher comes a sharp supernatural police procedural set in the heart of Texas.

It was not Luke McWhorter’s plan to become a law enforcement officer when he left for Yale Divinity School. But three generations of his ... Read more

The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings

By John Robert Colombo

Watch out! Here comes another mammoth book to thrill you and chill you and to frighten you to within an inch of your life! It comes bumping out of the night … from John Robert Colombo, the master of the macabre! This new compendium delivers excitement and delight to everyone ... Read more

The Ground That Grows Roses

By Elizabeth Hirst

More Singers have risen, and they're about to unleash chaos.

Denny has put her father to rest, solved the mystery of the screamers and become a national hero. On the surface, she is living a dream, but her problems are far from over. In order to end the screamer crisis, she ... Read more

The Hush Sisters

By Gerard Collins







Sissy and Ava Hush are estranged, middle-aged sisters with little in common beyond their upbringing in a ... Read more

The Loneliness of the Time Traveller

By Erika Rummel

Finalist, 2022 Foreword INDIE Awards ? Science Fiction

"It is a dreadful thing to be possessed, to be invaded by a spirit woman who commands your body and soul and looks out at the world through your eyes. It happened to me. Pray it will never happen to you. "

Adele's diary tells ... Read more