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Assassins! Accidental Matchmakers

By Jen Desmarais & Éric Desmarais

When Kennedy Fairfield, a recent graduate (class of 2002) trying to find her purpose in life, or at least a job in her field, saves Jason Johnson, the leader of a secret Community of supernatural people called Aetherborn, from an attempted assassination, they embark on a whirlwind ... Read more

Epic Canadiana #2

Edited by Bevan Thomas

Epic Canadiana returns in the second volume of the award winning anthology series! Dedicated to exploring numerous flavours of superheroism within Canada, Epic Canadiana Volume 2 puts a new twist on the superher genre, and features a truly diverse collection of heroes - some ... Read more

Has the World Ended Yet?

By Peter Darbyshire

In Has the World Ended Yet? we start with retired superheroes living in a soulless suburbia where everyone gets lost trying to get home. Then the angels start to fall from the sky. Is it Armageddon? And do we want the world to end or not?

In a series of linked short stories Peter ... Read more

Nothing Man and the Purple Zero

By Richard Scarsbrook

Marty Apostrophes and Bill Brown are from opposite sides of the tracks, but their friendship allows them to overcome bullies and scrape through classes (with Bill doing the lion's share of the scraping). Bill's obsession with the classic cars owned by Marty's family leads to ... Read more