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Counterterrorism and Identities

By Jack Jedwab

Counterterrorism and Identities presents a detailed analysis of Canadian public opinion on questions of national security, terrorism, and counterterrorism. Where we live, our religious identification, our age, gender, and values all have an impact on our views on these issues, ... Read more


By Richard Foot

Shortlisted, East Coast Literary Award and Evelyn Richardson Prize for Non-Fiction

It was over in seconds.

In the early hours of January 12, 2008, seven members of a high school basketball team and their coach's wife died instantly when their school van collided with a tractor ... Read more

Fight to Win

By A.J.  Withers


AJ Withers draws on their own experiences as an organizer, extensive interviews with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) activists and Toronto bureaucrats, and freedom of information requests to provide a detailed account of the work of OCAP. This book shows that ... Read more

Finding Home in the Promised Land

By Jane Harris

In 2013, a violent crime left Jane Harris seriously injured and tumbling down the social ladder toward homelessness -- for the second time in her life -- leading her to question the underlying conditions that could allow this to happen in a country like Canada. Finding Home ... Read more

Left in British Columbia, The

By Gordon Hak

This comprehensive history of the left in British Columbia from the late nineteenth century to the present explores the successes and failures of individuals and organizations striving to make a better world. Nineteenth-century coal miners and carpenters; Wobblies, Single Taxers, ... Read more

On Opium

By Carlyn Zwarenstein

A groundbreaking meditation on pain, painkillers, and dependence from a prescription opioid user.


Her writing has been described as "measured," "sensuous," and "compelling. " In 2016, Carlyn Zwarenstein’s short narrative on pain made the Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Books. ... Read more

Scandinavian Common Sense

By Dominque Côté & Marie-France Raynauilt

At a time when austerity is claimed by some to be the only answer to today’s economic woes, a close look at the best practices used in Scandinavia is edifying. Decision makers everywhere dispose of ample evidence showing that social determinants have an impact on health and ... Read more

Takeover in Tehran

By Massoumeh Ebtekar
With Fred A. Reed

A history of modern Iran, and a revealing first-hand account by Iran’s first female vice-president, Massoumeh Ebtekar, of the 1979 revolutionary students who captured the American embassy in Tehran. Ebtekar sets out to correct decades of misrepresentation by the Western media ... Read more