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Arrow’s Fall

By Joel Scott


There’s nowhere to hide in the Great Sea Reef in this heart-stopping thriller of a yarn

In this follow-up to 2018’s Arrow’s Flight, a tale of an 18th-century sunken ship and a fortune in gold sends Arrow and her crew on a venture that seems harmless enough. That is, until ... Read more

Arrow’s Flight

By Joel Scott


Crime and adventure on the high seas

Jared Kane is a West Coast commercial fisherman whose life has been plagued by bad luck and blackout drinking. When he inherits Arrow, an old 46-foot wooden sailboat, he sees a chance for redemption. With his friend from prison, Danny MacLean, ... Read more

Arrow’s Rest

By Joel Scott


A nautical thriller for readers of Clive Cussler and Jack Higgins.

Wooden sailboats shouldn’t play with steel yachts.

When his lover’s sister is the latest victim in a series of sadistic assaults, Jared Kane sets out to find the guilty party. His search leads him into ... Read more

Beneath the Wake

By Ross Pennie

The eagerly anticipated fourth medical thriller in the award-winning series

Epidemic investigator Dr. Zol Szabo hopes an extended cruise on the Indian Ocean with his girlfriend and his son will salve the wounds of the rough times they’ve been weathering at home. As they set ... Read more

Gaff Topsails

By Patrick Kavanagh

Set on the coast of Newfoundland on June 24, 1948, the Feast of St. John the Baptist, Gaff Topsails is the story of many characters. A middle-aged Irish priest, newly arrived from the New Guinea missions, reflects on a failed love affair. Michael Barron, a mute boy-man, has fallen ... Read more

Not Being on a Boat

By Esmé Claire Keith

Rutledge, an aging, divorced man, has treated himself to a Cruise on the Mariola. The Cruise is not just any cruise. It’s the whole shebang. It’s around the world. It’s a lifestyle change: G & Ts and tuxedos and cigars and cognac galore. The service is top-rate. And Rutledge’s ... Read more

Tale-Teller, The

By Susan Glickman

The year is 1738. Jacques Lafargue, a wide-eyed young Frenchman, arrives in New France aboard the Saint Michel. But before his Canadian adventure has a chance to begin, he is detained at Quebec harbour by suspicious port officials. Their distrust proves warranted: instead of ... Read more

The Treasure of Ching Shih

By John Gilgren

Ching Shih was the most powerful pirate in China. She stole everything--from jewels, to people, to opium. In 1844, Ching Shih and her husband created a secret plan to move her fortune from China to Hawaii for safekeeping, even as a rival pirate fleet plotted to intercept her ... Read more