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My Camino

By Patrick Warner

Reeling from the Night of Nights, an unexpected blockbuster art show, Floss, a transgender New York gallery owner, invites subversive installation artist Budsy and their best friend the Apostle John to cycle the Camino de Santiago. When Floss tells her friends about her shocking ... Read more

Plotline Bomber of Innisfree, The

By Josh Massey

Set in the near future in the mountainous and fielded cusp between BC and Alberta, The Plotline Bomber of Innisfree by Josh Massey is the story of Jeffery Inkster, an ex-hipster-turned elk farmer. Inkster, whose goal is to live peacefully with his elk, harvesting their antlers, ... Read more

Rebelion en la granja 2017

By Ashis Gupta
Illustrated by Alexiev Gandman
Translated by Carolina Krupnik

Broadly adapted from George Orwell's classic "Animal Farm", this book narrates the transformation of fairly happy, functional farm, taken over by a bunch of farm animals led by some pigs, who succeed in driving away the 'human' masters who once ran the place. The rebellion, ... Read more

Resurrection of Joseph Bourne

By Jack Hodgins

In this new edition of Jack Hodgins’ Governor General–winning novel (for 1979), the reader is taken into the everyday eccentricities of life in Port Annie on the west coast of Vancouver Island, a town that keeps slipping into the ocean and whose people have long been in ... Read more

Searching for Petronius Totem

By Peter Unwin

Following a dramatic break-up with his long-suffering wife, Jack Vesoovian retreats to a Hamilton rooming house, where he impulsively decides to take to the road to track down his life-long colleague, Petronius Totem.

Petronius Totem has disappeared following the unlikely success ... Read more

Seven Down

By David Whitton

In a series of interviews, seven hotel employees — all, it turns out, sleeper agents — puzzle out the events of a botched assassination attempt.

Seven ordinary hotel employees. Catering, front desk, management. Seven moles, waiting for years for a single code word, a trigger ... Read more


By Pablo Urbanyi
Translated by Hugh Hazelton

On a visit to Gabon, an American sociologist couple purchase an infant ape in order to study its development in an “enriched environment” — taking it back to California and raising it as a human being — and gain insight into human behaviour. The ape, named Silver, displays ... Read more

Sugar Thieves

By Eric Dupont & Sheila Fischman

Eric, a three-year-old from Gaspésie, is a being who lives only for pleasure. Drinking from his bottle, he tastes sugar for the first time, and is immediately hooked. From that point on, Eric and his sister go to greater and more desperate lengths to satisfy their sweet tooth, ... Read more