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A Rogue's Decameron

By Stan Rogal

A Rogue's Decameron consists of ten stories - tales - that loosely follow the fabliaux style and are based within the spirit of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Boccaccio's The Decameron: extravagance, joy and ribald humour around sex, lust, vice, death and other ?hungers' ... Read more

An Exile's Perfect Letter

By Larry Mathews

Sixty-two-year-old English professor Hugh Norman is getting ready to retire and just going through the motions. He’s detached, irreverent, and quite pleased with himself. But then he learns of a long-lost friend’s ... Read more

Animal Farm 2017

By Ashis Gupta

This is a timely adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm in the context of the Trump administration's disastrous epoch in American life.

Base Type Nil

By Michel Kelly-Gagnon
Illustrated by Corentin Hunter

"On Friday morning, a little past eight, Michelangelo left his house after a hasty breakfast, took one step into the street, and was hit by a bus. "
So begins Base Type Nil, a darkly humorous story about a man who wakes up in a cartoonish dystopia and has to navigate a civilization ... Read more

Base type null

By Michel Kelly-Gagnon
Illustrated by Corentin Hunter

« Vendredi matin, un peu après huit heures, Michelangelo avale son petit-déjeuner à la hâte. Il sort de chez lui, pose un pied dans la rue et se fait happer par un bus. »
Ainsi commence Base type null, un récit d'humour noir qui raconte l'histoire de Michelangelo, un ... Read more

Best of the Bonnet, The

By Andrew Unger

Since its debut, the internet's most trusted source for Mennonite satire has drawn the attention of everyone from the Canadian Prairies to the high-rises of New York, keeping readers laughing with hundreds of hysterical headlines and tongue-in-cheek editorials where (almost) ... Read more

City's Gates, The

By Peter Dubé

What lurks in the shadow of the 99%?

Montreal is gearing up for the World Economic Forum. On one side are those preparing to welcome the policymakers and moneylenders alike; on the other are groups ready to protest the evils of capitalism and globalization.

Caught in the middle ... Read more

Dead Brilliant

By Christopher Ward

Dying is the best way to revive your musical career … even if you’re not really dead.

It’s all slipping away from Roc Molotov – his band, his girlfriend, and worst of all, his ability to play the game demanded by the star-making machinery of the music business. When ... Read more