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Adapt or Die

By Jason Sherman

The murder of a wealthy landowner leads to the arrest of his eldest son. A grieving widow matches wits with her late husband’s aggressive creditor. Family loyalties are severely tested over the fate of a beloved summer home. Factory workers kill a hated boss and connive to ... Read more

For Want of a Fir Tree

By Frédérick Lavoie

How can a country at peace suddenly be plunged into war? What compels hitherto peaceable citizens to take up arms and kill one another? In For Want of a Fir Tree: Ukraine Undone, Frédérick Lavoie tells Artyom, a four-year-old child he saw lying in his little blue coffin on ... Read more

Lenin's Embalmers

By Vern Thiessen

When Boris Zbarsky and Vladimir Vorobiev, two Jewish biochemists, are recruited by Josef Stalin to embalm Lenin after his death, both men are pushed to their limits in preserving the former Soviet leader so that he may physically live forever. Driven by fear and fame, both men ... Read more

Love is a very long word

By Majlinda Bashllari

Love is a very long word explores the parallel, ambiguous realms of freedom and love?much coveted yet unnatural states of the human mind. Combining the tradition of Balkan lyricism with narrative modernist techniques, these bold poems witness the cross-cultural world of their ... Read more