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Elephant Talks to God, The

By Dale Estey

The Elephant Talks to God is an endearing collection of whimsical tales in which a young elephant forages for answers to that age-old existential puzzle: What is the meaning of life? In this new edition of Dale Estey's best-selling book, this pachyderm philosopher asks questions ... Read more

I Am Herod

By Richard Kelly Kemick

Shortlisted, Wilfrid Eggleston Award for Nonfiction

On a whim, armchair-atheist Richard Kelly Kemick joins the 100-plus cast of The Canadian Badlands Passion Play, North America's largest production of its kind and one of the main tourist attractions in Alberta. By the time closing ... Read more

Religion, Politics and Society

By Karim F. Hirji
Edited by Zarina Patel & Rosa Hirji

Written by Karim F Hirji, a retired professor of Medical Statistics,Religion, Politics and Societyfocuses on the four major global religionsâ€"Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islamâ€"together with minor religions like the Ahmadiyya, Confucianism, Sikhism, Seventh ... Read more