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Chameleon (Days)

By Dean Serravalle

What happens when the narrator is removed from a story? When the author's real life is fictionalized instead, so that creator and creation relate on the same existential ground with no middleman? Chameleon (Days) is such an experiment in storytelling, a literary novel that explores ... Read more

City's Gates, The

By Peter Dube

What lurks in the shadow of the 99%?

Montreal is gearing up for the World Economic Forum. On one side are those preparing to welcome the policymakers and moneylenders alike; on the other are groups ready to protest the evils of capitalism and globalization.

Caught in the middle ... Read more


By Wiebke von Carolsfeld

How to survive the unthinkable? This is the question nine-year-old Tom has to face after witnessing his parent's murder-suicide. After the horrific event, Tom refuses to speak. At first, he moves in with his childless Aunt Sonya, but she is ill equipped to deal with the traumatized ... Read more

Daniil and Vanya

By Marie-Helene Larochelle
Translated by Michelle Winters

We Need to Talk About Kevin meets Goodnight Mommy in this outrageous modern family thriller.

Emma and Gregory have a perfect life—a gorgeous home, a successful design firm—except for their inability to start a family. Following a traumatic failed pregnancy, they decide to ... Read more

Death Scene Artist, The

By Andrew Wilmot

M_____ is dying of cancer. Only thirty-two, an extra with a meagre list of credits to their name and afraid of being forgotten, M_____ starts recounting the strange, fantastic and ultimately tragic path of their love affair with the world?s greatest living "redshirt" – a man ... Read more

Death Valley

By Susan Perly

Longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize

Legendary war photographer Vivienne Pink has five days to photograph servicemen about to deploy for active combat. Racing to meet her deadline, she heads to Las Vegas, where she'll capture images of men who may die the next day?and where ... Read more

Down the Street

By Cassandra Cronenberg

Itessa is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and as her marriage unravels we follow her in and out of denial that her marriage is over and into a world of drugs and fantasies about other men and other lives she could have lived. As she begins questioning her mental stability ... Read more

Dream Sequence

By Adam Foulds




Henry Banks, star of the UK’s most popular television series, has higher aspirations, ones befitting of his talent: a serious film career, beginning with a role in ... Read more