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The Sanguinaires

By Gabriel Verveniotis

The Sanguinaires, Or What I Hate Most About Everything deals with death, depression, anxiety and the perpetual paranoia that plagues a fringe minority of diagnosed Sanguinaires, who find themselves resistant to their meds and violently in need of talking about the Event. Was ... Read more

The Transaction

By Guglielmo D'Izzia

A property harbouring a gruesome secret goes up for sale. Two men--perhaps, the wrong men--are shot in plain day light. Nothing is what it seems. And matters do not turn out as anticipated. De Angelis, an inscrutable northerner, is travelling to a small town perched somewhere ... Read more

The Weight of Snow

By Christian Guay-Poliquin
Translated by David Homel

A badly injured man. A nationwide power failure. A village buried in snow. A desperate struggle for survival. These are the ingredients of The Weight of Snow, Christian Guay-Poliquin’s riveting new novel. After surviving a major accident, the book’s protagonist is entrusted ... Read more

Thought House of Philippa, The

By Suzanne Leblanc
Translated by Oana Avasilichioaei & Ingrid Pam Dick

Suzanne Leblanc's The Thought House of Philippa transposes a theory of individuality into a stunningly reflective, sensuous and frank philosophical novel. Setting the chapters in the various rooms of the house Ludwig Wittgenstein designed for his sister in Vienna, Leblanc's novel ... Read more

Travellers May Still Return

By Michael Kenyon

Jesse Green, the young narrator of the first novella, wants to escape the developed world (Vancouver) and with her boyfriend takes a meandering trip down to Panama, the land bridge to South America. The central short story has an ambiguous setting and period, and is about the ... Read more


By Natelle Fitzgerald

When Annika Torrey is diagnosed with cancer, she has no one in her life she can turn to. Divorced and estranged from her fundamentalist family, she sells her life insurance policy for cash, hoping to live out her final days in peace. But then Annika is given a rare second chance. ... Read more

Weight of Blood, The

By D.B. Carew

After barely surviving the events of The Killer Trail, Vancouver psychiatric social worker Chris Ryder once again finds himself at the centre of a high-profile murder case: Marvin Goodwin, a young man who falls on the extreme end of the autism spectrum, is found covered with ... Read more

Work, The

By Maria Meindl

When aspiring stage-manager Rebecca Weir falls for the married director of the SenseInSound theatre company, she initiates a love triangle-and a working collaboration-which go on for two decades. Beginning in Toronto in the early 1980s, The Work traces the rise and fall of SenseInSound. ... Read more