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Surveying the 120th Meridian and the Great Divide

By Jay Sherwood

Surveying the 120th Meridian and the Great Divide is the second book of a two-part series describing the initial Alberta/BC boundary survey undertaken between 1913-1924. Surveying the 120th Meridian focuses on the years 1918-1924, when the Alberta crew continued the survey of ... Read more


By Laiwan

Within the contours of TENDER lie field notes from a life lived across multiple affinities, kinships, and desires. Equally visual and textual, TENDER is a beautifully complex collection spanning thirty years of curious inquiry into our shared human–animal condition. Laiwan ... Read more

The Lost Prime Ministers

By Michael Hill

After John A. Macdonald’s death, four Tory prime ministers — each remarkable but all little known — rose to power and fell in just five years.

From 1891 to 1896, between John A. Macdonald’s and Wilfrid Laurier’s tenures, four lesser-known men took on the mantle of ... Read more

The Negation of Chronology: Imagining Geraldine Moodie

By Rebecca Luce-Kapler

Geraldine Moodie, granddaughter of Susanna Moodie, was the first woman to own photography studios on the Canadian prairies and create an extensive oeuvre. Geraldine owned three photography studios (Battleford, Maple Creek, and Medicine Hat), raised six children, and followed ... Read more


By James Doyle

Celebrates Margaret Fulton`s lifelong commitment to positive change and her role as an important catalyst in the ongoing process of social transformation.

Where To from Here

By Bill Morneau
With John Lawrence Reynolds


Bill Morneau’s experience as Canada’s finance minister crystalized his vision for the country’s potential for growth and prosperity. Where To from Here looks backward with coolness and candor and forward with a fresh vision of all that Canada can — and must — become. ... Read more