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A Forgotten Hero

By Shelley Emling


The true story of Folke Bernadotte’s heroic rescue of 30,000 prisoners during WWII

In one of the most amazing rescues of WWII, the Swedish head of the Red Cross rescued more than 30,000 people from concentration camps in the last three months of the war. Folke Bernadotte ... Read more

A Very Canadian Coup

By Ted Glenn

A fresh take on Canada’s fifth prime minister, Sir Mackenzie Bowell.

When Mackenzie Bowell became Canada’s fifth Prime Minister in December 1894, everyone — including Bowell — expected the job would involve nothing more than keeping the wheels on the Conservative wagon ... Read more


By Susan Smith-Josephy & Irene Bjerky

In the early days of British Columbia, pack trains of horses or mules were a lifeline for the early pioneer population. Explorers, trappers, traders, miners, merchants, workers and settlers and relied on them for the materials needed to live and work. Packers were also vital ... Read more


By Anne Metikosh

Dragan was a Yugoslav peasant who flirted with the ideals of Communism and aspired to become a teacher. Instead, he became a slave in a German labour camp. Galina was an only child growing up in the harsh reality of Stalinist Russia. She survived the siege of Leningrad only ... Read more


By Ted Glenn

A first-hand chronicle of Wolseley’s expedition to end Riel’s Red River Rebellion by a remarkable trio embedded on the mission.

In the spring of 1870, two reporters set off from Toronto to cover one of the biggest stories in Canadian history: Colonel Garnet Wolseley’s ... Read more

Grey Owl

By Armand Garnet Ruffo

Twenty-five years ago, award-winning Indigenous poet Armand Garnet Ruffo released this compelling collection to reassess the contradictory life and personality of the infamous Grey Owl. Both humorous and tragic, Grey Owl weaves archival research and reminiscence, documentary ... Read more

Immoral, Indecent, and Scurrilous

By Gerald Hannon

“At least by reputation, I am a sex radical: gay activist dating back to the Cretaceous, defender of pedophiles, defender of (and participant in) sex work, sometime porn actor and maker, shameless voyeur (no window is safe if my binoculars are at hand), perpetual sour-puss ... Read more


By Roy Kiyooka

In 1993 Mary Kiyooka sat with her son Roy Kiyooka, one of Canada’s most important avant-garde painters, and a tape recorder and in her native Japanese shared her memories with him—her childhood in Japan, her arrival as a married woman in Canada, and her family’s experience ... Read more