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By Irfan Ali

An extraordinary debut set in Toronto, unfurling against the backdrop of an ancient Persian love story.


The story of Layla and Majnun, made immortal by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi in the 12th century, has been retold thousands of times, in thousands of different ways, ... Read more

Adult Language Warning

By William Robertson

At the time of writing this book, William Robertson was a homemaker. His poems bring a new passion to the ancient domestic scene, and to everything else he looks at out of that often-turbulent centre. He ventures with care "into a swelling sea/ of silted meanings" equipped with ... Read more

Alien, Correspondent

By Antony Di Nardo

This arresting first collection is, in part, a delicately balanced look at Beirut from the perspective of a Westerner who lives and works in that remarkable city. Whether writing about the Middle East or about domestic life, Di Nardo refuses to romanticize; he doesn't moralize ... Read more

All Our Wonder Unavenged

By Don Domanski

A poet of osmosis explores the implicit relationship between matter and spirit, the interconnectedness of the universe.

In his first full-length collection since 1998's Parish of the Physic Moon, Don Domanski writes with clarity of vision. He is a poet of the holiness of subtleties, ... Read more

Always Die Before Your Mother

By Patrick Woodcock


Like an embedded journalist, Patrick Woodcock writes his poetry from the front lines of experience.

From cities reeling from the trauma of siege warfare to the stifling heat and politics of the Arabian Peninsula to the darkest corners of the South American rain forest, Woodcock's ... Read more


By Phil Hall

Phil Hall is well known as a writer and supporter of "work poetry. " He stands in solidarity with workers, with the little guy, the often faceless many. His poetry can be fierce in their service, but it is sponsored by humane inquiry, not dogma. Amanuensis takes its title from ... Read more

Angel and the Bear

By Brian Charlton

A pinball wizard stars in this urban romance, set where the blues meet jazz in London, Ontario's historic York Hotel.