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By Don Kerr

Shortlisted for the 1998 Saskatchewan Book Award for PoetryDon Kerr's fifth poetry collection is a verbal joyride, an exuberant celebration of a book: a celebration of mountains and plains, of growing up and of being young, of being alive in the present moment and absorbing ... Read more

awâsis - kinky and dishevelled

By Louise Halfe

A gender-fluid trickster character leaps from Cree stories to inhabit this racous and rebellious new work by award-winning poet Louise Bernice Halfe.

There are no pronouns in Cree for gender; awâsis (which means illuminated child) reveals herself through shape-shifting, adopting ... Read more


By Rhonda Batchelor

The poems in Bearings are arranged in the stressful rhythm of alternation between the intense states of being in love and/or with someone or being alone. Loss refines the vision. For Rhonda Batchelor's poetry that means a gain which shows, for example, in occasional tender lyrics ... Read more

Beyond Mudtown

By Rob Rolfe

Mudtown was a working-class neighbourhood tightly wedged between once busy docks, factories and the escarpment along the east shore of Owen Sound Bay, regularly inundated with mud during spring rains. Beyond Mudtown, Rob Rolfe's third collection of poetry, is an imagined visit ... Read more

Bite Down Little Whisper

By Don Domanski

From a master poet, meditative lines running like veins through the dark grace of being alive. Governor General's Award–winning poet Don Domanski's new collection, Bite Down Little Whisper, delves into the interconnectedness of all life with spiritual gravitas and powerful ... Read more

Blue Pyramids

By Robert Priest


From his first book, The Visible Man (“as fine a first volume of poetry as one is ever likely to read” — the Dalhousie Review), to his most recent, Resurrection In the Cartoon (“passionate, humourous, worldly-wise, kick-ass poetry” — The Vancouver Sun), Robert ... Read more

Body Rain

By J. A. Hamilton

Shortlisted for the 1991 Pat Lowther AwardIn J. A. Hamilton's poems blood is red, black hearts are black. There is no flinching from things as bad as they can be, especially but not only for women. And yet, this passionate powerful writing radiates affirmation. "his good o, ... Read more


By Tyler Pennock

Poems about a young two-spirit Indigenous man moving through shadow and trauma toward strength and awareness.

Bones, Tyler Pennock's wise and arresting debut, is about the ways we process the traumas of our past, and about how often these experiences eliminate moments of softness ... Read more