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The Lost Cosmonauts

By Ken Hunt

Fraught with fatal mishaps and disastrous near misses, the missions of the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States defined an era and exemplified the global socio-political conflict of the Cold War. The Lost Cosmonauts by Ken Hunt is an elegy to humanity's fledgling ... Read more

The Massacre Confirmed Our Worst Suspicions

By W. Bruce MacDonald

Written over a 25-year period, the poems in The Massacre Confirmed Our Worst Suspicions are a curious mixture of whimsy, longing and outrage about the passage of time, memory, relics, unrequited love and death. In an attempt at objectivity, the poems are stripped of personal ... Read more

The Response of Weeds

By Bertrand Bickersteth

Bertrand Bickersteth’s debut poetry collection explores what it means to be Black and Albertan through a variety of prisms: historical, biographical, and essentially, geographical. The Response of Weeds offers a much-needed window on often overlooked contributions to the province’s ... Read more

The Word for Sand

By Heather Spears

The poems are informed by the author's long sojourns in both Canada and Europe, and a new horizon appears: the author gets acquainted with a group of refugees from the Near East and in some of the poems describes their predicament and her own identification with these homeless ... Read more


By Kim Minkus

Tuft: "A bunch (natural or artificial) of small things, usually soft and flexible, Éfixed or attached at the base." OED

With Tuft, Kim Minkus takes us on flights of poetic fancy into futures where we "observe the green elite" and "iceplants bloom in the monotony of paved paths." ... Read more

Vancouver for Beginners

By Alex Leslie

In Vancouver for Beginners, the nostalgia of place is dissected through the mapping of a city where readers are led past surrealist development proposals, post-apocalyptic postcards, childhood landmarks long gone and a developer who paces at the city's edge, shoring it up with ... Read more

Waking in the Tree House

By Michael Lithgow

The poems in Michael Lithgow's first collection carry us on a stream of sensory impressions towards some heightened awareness. In a voice characterized by curiosity, astonishment, and candour, the poet records what passes through him in settings as various as a derelict rooming ... Read more

Where the Baedeker Leads

By James Yeku

Where the Baedeker Leads uncovers the many delicate layers that lie in the spaces between departures and arrivals, offering memories and stories. Whether it's about journeys, personal transition, or changes in the seasons, the aim in these poems is to draw attention to the personal ... Read more