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Surface Tension

By Derek Beaulieu

Typography meets poetry at a Pink Floyd laser-light show

In Surface Tension, poetry is liquefied. Flowing away from meaning, letters and words gather and pool into puddles of poetry; street signs and logos reflected in the oily sheen of polluted gutters of rainwater. Like a funhouse ... Read more

Swimming with Turtles

By Doug Beardsley

This book is moving and true. Mexico begins with the shock of dislocation, entry into "the exotic"; Caribbean Odyssey feels like a darker and more troubled grappling with spirit and place (and the Bolden references are terrific.) In the third movement the traveler feels more ... Read more

Tar Swan

By David Martin

Shortlisted for the 2019 Raymond Souster Award!
Finalist for the City of Calgary W. O. Mitchell Book Prize!
Tar Swan is a multi-voiced reckoning that surveys the mythos of the Alberta oil sands with an approach that is both lyrical and experimental. The poems feature four voices: ... Read more

tattered coat upon a stick, A

By Christopher Levenson

A tattered coat upon a stick represents both a summing-up and a continued breaking of new ground by a distinguished poet still at the top of his game after a long career. This full-bodied, symphonically-arranged collection encompasses Levenson's early years in England, a sequence ... Read more


By Kate Hargreaves

Visceral and playful, tend reflects the intimate awkwardness of modern life. Hargreaves' latest collection explores feelings of being distanced from loved ones, physically and emotionally; striving to be better (at chores, at intimacy); and tending to the things that fracture. ... Read more

That Light Feeling Under Your Feet

By Kayla Geitzler

Finalist for The Fiddlehead Poetry Book Prize at the New Brunswick Book Awards!

Shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Poetry at the 2019 Alberta Book Publishing Awards!

That Light Feeling Under Your Feet plunges headfirst into the surreal and slogging world of cruise ship ... Read more

The Answer to Everything

By Ken Belford
Edited by Jordan Scott & Rob Budde

Ken Belford's career has spanned six decades and three lives. The Answer to Everything collects Belford's poetry of the 1960s in Vancouver, his "lan(d)guage" poetry of the early 2000s influenced by his time on remote Blackwater Lake, and his more political-charged poetry of the ... Read more

The Burden of Gravity

By Shannon McConnell

In her debut poetry collection, Shannon McConnell explores the fraught history of New Westminster's Woodlands School, a former "lunatic asylum" opened in 1878 which later became a custodial training school for children with disabilities before its closure in 1996. Partially ... Read more