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By Domenico Capilongo

Domenico Capilongo continues to play with lyricism, form and language in his new poetry collection. send is a collection of poetry that explores our many modes of communication from smoke signals to texting. The work uses lyric meditations, personal narratives and experimental ... Read more


By Sarah de Leeuw

An elegy to and celebration of British Columbia's second-longest river, one at the centre of contemporary conversations about resource extraction and northern geographies, Skeena is an assemblage of voices, stories and histories both about the river and from the river's perspective. ... Read more


By Nasser Hussain

Poems written only from three-letter airport codes demand a new kind of passport. Every major airport has a three-letter code from the International Air Transport Association. In perhaps history's greatest-ever feat of armchair travel, Nasser Hussain has written a collection ... Read more


By Thomas L Leduc

Slagflowers is the story of a fourth generation son of miners and his journey beyond the world underground. It's the story on a city struggling to grow beyond its past and become more than just a mining city. It's the story of everyone's struggle to be more than their family ... Read more

South China Sea

By Ken Norris

South China Sea is a poet's autobiography. Forgoing the props of conventional narrative, the book travels through space and time, revealing the moments in a life that anchor reality and constitute memory. In poems that compel us to remember and to re-evaluate our own personal ... Read more


By Marie-Andree Gill
Translated by Kristen Renee Miller

Spawn is a braided collection of brief, untitled poems, a coming-of-age lyric set in the Mashteuiatsh Reserve on the shores of Lake Piekuakami (Saint-Jean) in Quebec. Undeniably political, Gill's poems ask: How can one reclaim a narrative that has been confiscated and distorted ... Read more


By Anahita Jamali Rad

still is about alienated interiority. It begins with a body, with materiality that slowly morphs, extends, spills, and oozes non-linearity. A self-withdrawn, hidden presence: silent inactivity, affective and extractive capitalism, surveillance and commodification of behaviour, ... Read more

Stones to Harvest / Escarmouches de la Chair

By Henry Beissel

Stones to Harvest/Escarmouches de la Chair, a lyrical cycle of 47 poems, sets out the four seasons in remarkable and very concrete images drawn from the flora and fauna of Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec, where Beissel lived and worked. He explores these landscapes with ... Read more