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One Thing — Then Another

By Claire Kelly


A poetic response to the tumult of a move across country

One Thing — Then Another is a collection of poetry divided into three unique sections: “East” explores the constraints of living under the poverty line in a have-not province. “And” is a long poem about moving ... Read more


By Yusuf Saadi

Pluviophile veers through various poetic visions and traditions in search of the sacred within and beyond language. Its poems continually revitalize form, imagery and sonancy to reconsider the ways we value language, beauty and body. The collection houses sonnets and other ... Read more

Pots and Other Living Beings

By annie ross

Pots and Other Living Beings is a literally and visually compelling first poetry collection by upcoming Indigenous artist annie ross. The text combines socially conscious poems with geographically grounded photographs, each describing an aspect of living in the postmodern, neoliberal ... Read more


By Ron Silliman

Revelator is the opening poem in a major sequence entitled Universe. It's the jumping off point for a work that, were Ron Silliman to live long enough, would take him three centuries to complete. We are hopeful.

Universe is a poem of globalization and post-global poetics (which ... Read more

Ritualites, The

By Michael Nardone

The Ritualites is Michael Nardone's book-length poem on the sonic topography of North America.

Composed over ten years at sites all across the continent--from Far Rockaway to the Olympic Peninsula, Great Bear Lake to the Gulf of California--the book documents the poet's listening ... Read more


By Eric Charlebois

This debut English-language collection written by a Trillium Award-winning Francophone poet strikes with endless patterns and infinite grains. Through expert wordplay, technically sound poetry, and bold imagery, Charlebois offers a wistful approach to the moments we encounter ... Read more


By Nasser Hussain

Poems written only from three-letter airport codes demand a new kind of passport. Every major airport has a three-letter code from the International Air Transport Association. In perhaps history's greatest-ever feat of armchair travel, Nasser Hussain has written a collection ... Read more


By Thomas L Leduc

Slagflowers is the story of a fourth generation son of miners and his journey beyond the world underground. It's the story on a city struggling to grow beyond its past and become more than just a mining city. It's the story of everyone's struggle to be more than their family ... Read more