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Lullabies in the Real World

By Meredith Quartermain

Meredith Quartermain’s Lullabies in the Real World is a sequence of poems about a train journey from West Coast to East Coast that invokes a patchwork of regions, voices and histories. Her language zings with train rhythms as she unfolds a complex conversation with poets such ... Read more


By Hugh Thomas

Drawing on the patterns of words, speech, and identity we encounter in the wider world—subway ads in Mexico City, a Dutch-Japanese phrase book, multi-lingual airplane safety instructions, one of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities—the poems in Hugh Thomas’s Maze playfully ... Read more

Mister Blackhurst

By Louis-Philippe Hébert
Translated by Ardeth Neale

In this poetry collection, the author takes an astonishing look into the heart of the afterworld and questions the circle of life as we know it. Mister Blackhurst miraculously regains consciousness on his hospital bed but he realizes that the world around him is no longer under ... Read more


By Gillian Jerome

Award-winning poet Gillian Jerome's long-awaited second collection is a meditation on rediscovery and reconnection. ​

How do we restore relationships between land and people? Gillian Jerome’s poems suggest that we might plant a garden, put one foot in front of the other. ... Read more

New Brunswick

By Shane Neilson

Heralding a new regionalism, New Brunswick interrogates the popular representations of Shane Neilson's home province. Structured as a group of serial long poems, this fifth book by the winner of the 2017 Walrus Poetry Prize recasts the political, economic, and social histories ... Read more

No Work Finished Here

By Liz Worth

When Andy Warhol's a, A Novel was first published in 1968, The New York Times Book Review declared it "pornographic. " Yet over four decades later, a continues to be an essential documentation of Warhol's seminal Factory scene. And though the book offers a pop art snapshot of ... Read more

Not in Vain You've Sent Me Light

By Cora Siré

This collection vaults from the provocative – a deeply personal exposé of two lovers and their collisions and triumphs – into a high-voltage gallery depicting heroes and artists, scientists and politicians, mothers and their conflicted daughters. As the settings shift between ... Read more

Odyssey, The

By Ken Hunt

Fifty years ago, in July 1969, human beings embarked on an epic journey to land on the moon. Now, in July 2019, poet Ken Hunt utilizes NASA's Apollo 11 voice transcription document, a chronicle of the first six days of that mission, to create The Odyssey, an erasure poem of ... Read more